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Mentioned in the Doomsday book Congleton dates back to 16th – 17th century. The ladies of Exclusive Company Escorts I am happy to report are not quite as aged. With Cheshire ladies from the early twenties ( an age that is) through to mature escorts.

To book our gorgeous Congleton escorts could not be simpler or easier, Call 0161 832 3420 the main office, our escorts are based throughout the area so travel times are never compromised. Before inviting a Congleton escort to join may I suggest you spend time checking out the ladies descriptions and photographs in the portfolio pages. Once you make the call our receptionist is happy to discuss your preferences and may feel it prudent to mention one or two ladies who are more predisposed to your requirement. I must stress that the final choice is always yours. We offer suggestions to help you choose wisely. Once confirmed, your escort will be more than happy to call you for that brief “ice-breaking” chat, a great way to get to know each other.

Historic records confirm the legend that Congleton sold its bible for a more aggressive bear, the bear in turn brought in more visitors to Congleton replenishing the bible fund so that the Bible was eventually purchased. Silk and cotton industries kept the inhabitants of Congleton in meaning full employment for a number of years. Now home to Exclusive Company Congleton Escorts, our ladies are extra special company for visitors and locals alike.

Located just off the M6 at junction 17 makes it an ideal stop off point when travelling North or South and not a million miles from the glamour of central Manchester. A choice of accommodation for the weary or sprightly traveller, ranging from welcoming guest houses to national chain hotels. Escorts are happy to join our Exclusive clientele at discreet locations whether it be your home or a stopping off point in your journey. When booking in it is sometimes worth booking as Mr and Mrs a great way to circumvent the hotels restrictive guest policy. An excellent stopping area for High-Class Escorts, look us up next time the M6 becomes a car park.

Discretion, as always, is our criterion

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