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Girls like Kitty are few and far between so very beautiful, stunningly beautiful! This exclusive girl is absolutely breathtakingly womanly, we have to stress how extra sexy she is. With her long dark hair flowing past her slender shoulders onto her magnificent breasts makes her a wonder of a woman. Kitty has a small waist which amplifies her beautiful bountiful breasts. Her legs are slim and smooth; she has the best hour glass figure a man could ever desire in a woman who is utterly divine, a sex siren and incredible to look at.

To book this gorgeous brunette and enjoy quality time together is a must for gentlemen who prefer a the classic crazily incredible young busty woman. Females as sexy as Kitty are born rarely and here at Exclusive Company we are blessed to have her on board. We are very proud to represent a sophisticated lady who is so very naughty and Kitty is more than a joy to be around – every gentleman’s kind of woman.

Now you have seen a preview of Kitty in our stunning Manchester portfolio where her photographs are just a snippet of her you can arrange a brief conversation with her and confirm she is the perfect young girl for you to book this evening. We have no doubt that on meeting this replica of a model you will fall in love with her completely. Your evening with Kitty will be utterly divine and a match made in heaven. She has the beauty of a model and a body of a Goddess. Every man’s dream. Her sex appeal is universal and there is no question of her outstanding incredible looks.

A button nose so very cute and beautiful deep tender eyes. Kitty has a smile that is white and bright with perfect straight teeth and wet lips; which are desperately kissable. Please phone to book a date with Kitty on 0161 832 3420 and arrange an evening with an absolute beauty of a young woman.

Discretion, as always, is our criterion

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