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Slim Vs Curvy...

When it comes to specific body types, we all seem to have our preferences. Are you a chap who loves super slim, petite girls or do you prefer a woman with delicious curves? Perhaps you don’t have a type at all and just love all females and what counts more for you is a dazzling, mischievous smile, a naughty glint in their eye or maybe you only care what’s on the inside…? One thing we know is for sure is that there needs to be a spark, a physical attraction that sizzles instinctively… A touch which sends tingles, a look that says ‘come to bed…’ a smile that hints at a playful nature or a giggle that sends waves of desire…New ladies Imogen and Brooke will tick all of your boxes if slim, curvy, hourglass shaped ladies are your favourie or why not arrange a date with Annie, Lottie or Annabella should you lust after perfectly petite, slender girls...

From our extensive research we have found that gentlemen do have their individual preferences and their wish list is usually slim with curves – and by no means extremes, therefore underweight and overweight are definitively a turn off. ‘Curves in all the right places’ is a well-rehearsed request from Exclusive gentlemen and we know this means that a lady should have a firm, peachy derriere and beautiful, bountiful breasts. However, other red-blooded males would amplify their love of a skinny, more athletic figure whereas another desire which resonates across the board is a pretty face and a sexual prowess which is real and true to form. Body confidence is another positive attribute which men adore, as, if your lovely lady is proud of her body and is excited to show it off then her lover will feel the power of sensual pleasure which radiates and transports both parties into a spiralling frisson of desire. At Exclusive, we have ladies of all heights, nationalities and figures and yet we are more than aware that a healthy, toned, slender body no matter the bust or bottom size is what is most desirable. We are match makers extraordinaire and we will recommend the finest lady for you based on your preference and be assured we will always go the extra mile to make it an extra special date.

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