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Manchester's Top Ten Escorts

Arriving here in Manchester this week will be an iconic curvaceous prime blonde bombshell who will set both sexes and the media into a frezzie. Tousled blonde locks and undeniable charm oozes from every pore and we are sure the elite of Manchester Gentlemen and Ladies will be wanting desperately to spend an evening with this sex symbol loved and envied by their peers in the land of leavers and lovers in the south of the country who will escort the paparazzi in full force to Manchester.

A lover who demands to be on top, whose origins are Anglo America having been born in New York to English parents. This very Exclusive blonde and highly educated iconic sex symbol enjoyed the best education at the European School of Brussels, Ashdown House, and then Oxford university. To book a date and be in the Exclusive Company of this charming and charismatic character potential suitors are required to be conservative, highly attractive and of course part of the intelligentsia.

Visiting Manchester will be a brief encounter so do not miss out on meeting a genuine heart stopper with appealing looks and enchanting in every way possible. Our new personality has the added advantage of being sporty, adventurous and possesses an irresistibly naughty side which just can’t be hidden. Admirers will lose their head long before they should once introduced to such Exclusive Company in Manchester.

An evening spent with this dynamic blonde phenomenon will leave their suitor feeling “eupepsia, euphoria, eudaimonia” as a certain someone once said!! Blue eyes and blonde hair the camera loves this super sexy being who fascinates the opposite sex in their Prime. Minister and muster all the energy you can for an evening of fun frolics and Carrie on into the early hours until the telegraph streetlight dimly wanes. With some persuasion, you maybe able to Boris Bike ride around the city of Manchester before the morning stands up to be counted.

A date in Manchester with such a catch would be the ultimate love affair; however, such a privilege is reserved for only the very wealthy. A meeting with such a sex symbol is currently highly sort after and commands fees on average at a whooping £20,000 an hour. Would you book a date and escort the sexiest of characters in Manchester this week?

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