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I’m Yours! - Mourinho

Exclusive Company brings you an article on the Silver Fox Jose Mourinho is on his way to magical Manchester and temperatures are souring on and off the Manchester United football pitch, as well as the Cheshire set as this will be his new home ground. After months of speculation and love letters from Mourinho to the Manchester United board the Special One has now entered the Theatre of Dreams.

Expectations of The Special One will be monumental and following in Sir Alex Ferguson foot steps is nay impossible. Or is it? The 53 year old Jose has managed Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and of late the mighty Chelsea with Rui Faria his assistant and great friend. May Mourinho’s move to magical Manchester make all his dreams come true?

His Super Agent Jorge Mendes has undoubtedly cut a dream deal which is worth many millions for the sexy silver fox. Rui Faria, Jorges Mendes and the man himself Mourinho will all be pressured to produce the goods and the silver trophies which have eluded Manchester United this season. The 3 Musketeers, the super manager, the super agent and the super assistant possess all the muster, magic, and mayhem which will surely make Manchester Super magical this coming season.

If you were a betting man would you really put a tenner on the Red Devils to win the league or indeed spend your money wisely on the Foxes. Either way the cunningness of the betting industry will inevitably outwit us all in the lack of payouts on the odds for or against either football club.

The beautiful game of football may line the pockets of the transitional movers and shakers but the loyalty of the fans will inevitably make Mourinho’s move to Manchester a nightmare should he not fill the shelves in Old Trafford with silver trophies in the sensational season before us all.

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