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Football’s Not Coming Home But it Will

Football’s Not Coming Home But It Will

The women are doing it for England and the men are looking on in awe – which is standard practice of course. Our talented Lionesses have beat the odds and have secured a place in the World Cup Final alongside the Spanish Senoritas. We wish them all the lady luck in the world! Go Girls…

And of course the English Football Season is well and truly upon us and the competition starts all over again in a city which is half Red and half Blue. The Premier League is the best Football League in the world as indeed are the Exclusive girls here who love the thrill of the chase and gentlemen across the board will be anticipating the first touch of the new season. What better way to enjoy the beautiful game than to have an evening with a beautiful lady and score in the best way possible.

Trophies are on the horizon for one or more of the Premier League teams but when booking any of our exclusive company ladies you are guaranteed the ultimate trophy girlfriend who you will be proud to adorn your arm. With gorgeous physiques, toned and bikini ready, what better way is there to enjoy an August escort in Manchester? Hot, humid, and sexy nights with our A list ladies who are waiting to meet gentlemen in a league of their own to show them an amazing time, with dinner, cocktails, and pure summer indulgence. Embrace the lweeks of British Summertime and indulge in the next level of professional dating – Book in advance and be man of the match with Exclusive girls today.

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