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Etiquette With Escorts When Booking

Here at Exclusive Company Escorts, we offer the most beautiful women in the world who are guaranteed to show you a good time, but can you show any good back? Today we're going to go over a few points to do with ‘escort etiquette’ and how you should behave when booking your escort and finally when you're with your gorgeous exclusive company escort.

It’s important to remember when you are booking an escort, you are booking a person for a service, not a slave. When you hire anyone, to do anything for you, be it a plumber, a band, a mechanic, a lawyer or a tutor, you are hiring them for the services they specialise in.

Therefore there personal life outside of their work shouldn’t be any of your interests. You wouldn’t care who your doctor dates, or where your mechanic eats or what your tutor wears, similarly you should approach escorts with a similar attitude.

You have hired a person for a service and the service is what should be expected. You don’t expect your tutor to fall in love with you after a lesson. You may get on with your tutor, spend extra time learning with them and even develop a friendship under the circumstances. This does not mean however you are more than friends or is an a invite to be more than friends. Go into your booking with the mind frame you both have agreed to exchange money for services. Services both parties have either agreed to do or not to do.

Be respectful for a better experience

If your escort wants to do something you haven’t agreed upon or you make unusual requests halfway through the experience, then it’s your own fault for experiencing any disappointment. Anything outside of what the agreed service is, has to be agreed to again and usually will cost more or she will just say no, respect this. Like I said, you pay for a service, not a slave. Respect what she offers and doesn’t want to do. You don’t own your tutor for the duration of the class, it’s the same here.

Also to avoid any confusion, misunderstandings, or annoying her later with questions, do your research. Find out exactly which model you want, after you’ve found your dream woman find out the price and agree to it. There’s nothing worse than someone who agrees to something and later denies it or tries to change the agreement to suit him. Don’t be this person, agree on the price specified and pay in full. To impress a little more pay a bit extra as a tip to the model, especially if you’ve really enjoyed yourself. This is the same as tipping anyone who provides any service for you.

When booking an escort many are represented by agencies, so it’s very likely you will have to deal with an agency and call someone you don’t know and are not going to meet to arrange your booking.

If this is the case the person you are speaking to is the first person to judge whether you are suitable for a meet. It doesn’t matter if you have enough money to book an escort. If you are rude, inappropriate, a time waster or seem like you are interested in everything but booking, the managers of these agencies won’t send a girl out to meet you or allow you to meet her. Furthermore they could block or blacklist your number and pass it on to other agencies warning them of your behaviour. This can make it incredibly difficult for you to ever get a booking in the future.

Etiquette is appreciated in any industy, esspecially this one

It’s easier, and nicer, to just be polite. The girls may cost a pretty penny, but your manners don’t and you should show them when trying to book someone to spend time with you.

Also when dealing with agencies never try to haggle, this is a bad sign. Haggling could indicate a time waster and someone who’s not really prepared to make a booking. It could also indicate even if you did make the booking you may not pay or pay the full amount. Again it’s easier for agencies to just avoid you then try to take a risk or figure out if you're a stand up guy. It’s important to note if you’ve agreed to the price and made the booking, and then tried to haggle when it comes to payment, you could be offending your escort as she may assume you aren't happy with the service. If you are happy with it, pay in full.

Escorts and escort agencies have seen it all. From the rich slick talking money earners to the shy computer nerd trying to experience his dream. So it’s worth noting sending dirty text messages, nude photos of your genitalia, smutty phone calls and naughty emails aren't going to get you anywhere. You won’t get any escorts dying to be with you, or any calling you up for a free hour or anything along these lines. You will simply get blocked and blacklisted and look like an idiot.

Escorting is a service like any other, provided by women who expect to give the service and receive a payment and that’s it. So treat it as such, be respectful of the agreement, of the escort and of the situation. Keep your manners and escort etiquettes in mind and remember, have fun!

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