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Conservative Party Conference 2019

Party Time In Manchester 29th September to Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Manchester welcomes a Party in the city centre not seen for years. Manchester will escort the Prime Minister to his abode and an arena where he will be centre stage with all eyes watching his every move. Such Exclusive Company in the city of Manchester and undoubtably the most beautiful of Manchester models will find themselves in great demand during this party season.

Whether you are a remainiac or wish to leave our continental comrades city centre Manchester escorts a sexy Etonian blonde bombshell who will be spilling over into the city from Sunday 29 September to Wednesday 2nd October and Brexit in style. Manchester Central Conference Centre and the iconic and Regal Midland Hotel,16 Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS, are hosting PM, BJ and his allies who have the reputation of partying right up to the Witching hour of the 31 October.

Tory Parties are far from conservative as we are aware and the 2019 Conference Party will have their members, MPs, Cabinet Ministers, The Press and Media alongside the Great British Public dancing in the street. All will stand by their man the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson as will visitors to Manchester. Click here for the best Manchester offers in hotels, restaurants, wine bars and night clubs that party until the sun comes up on the city of Manchester.

Once speeches are over canapes and cocktails will be served in the palatial Rolls Royce of hotels, The Midland Hotel. The Sky is the limit with Beth and her buddies and the BBC itching to catch the eye of the man of the moment. A media frenzy is inevitable in such Certain Circles and Manchester is challenging Westminster for the best Halloween party celebrations ever.

Reserve your brooms and bedrooms as all abodes are booking up fast for Brexit Boris in Manchester. Is it really Au Revoir to the EU? It certainly is for Merkel, Macron and May- and it’s her birthday too. What a Brexit Party Teressa will have.

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