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Brexit Birthday Girl

Look who’s coming to Manchester. The Birthday Girl Theresa May herself and the playful party planners the Tories. Now this will be a heady weekend of tall blondes, Boris obviously, and his sexy side kick the galloping Gove. As Manchester escorts the Exclusive Company of the Prime Minister will she be able to keep all her boys in check and tuck them up in bed nice and early allowing the Conservative Party naughty boys rise to the occasion when on centre stage in Manchester on the 1st October?

Can they attain the so-called glory years of the Thatcherite era of the 1970s and 80s? No spitting their dummies out as Michael Heseltine did when his lady would not give in to his needs to be the man on top. It was certainly Brexit for him and blonde bombshell Maggy happily carried on being the lady with the power in her Invisible Hand.

The Very Exclusive Manchester Midland hotel, frequented by the founders of Rolls Royce, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, David Beckham and his No.1 girl Victoria, General Eisenhower, Bob Dylan plus Mike Tyson the boxer have all enjoyed the offerings of this majestic hotel built at the turn of the last century. It is situated in the heart of Manchester city centre and enjoys the facilities with what was once known as the GMex centre and now renamed The Manchester Central Convention complex. A bit of a mouth full but we are all aware of how the conservatives often bite off more than they can chew. The prime example being David Cameron promising a referendum should he and Snow-White wife Sam be voted in again and entre No 10 Downing Street for a second term. Did they play right into Nigel’s hands well it seems so and nobody knows more about the EU than the man from the Garden of England. And long may this garden remain England.

Brexit debates will be on the lips of the MPs who will be swarming into Manchester for the Conservative Party Conference in just over a week and Mancunians cannot wait for the decent of the Eton boys and Grammar school girls. In this city, the Tories will sleep with the great and the good, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s to say the least where the two spent their drinking time discussing the overcome of capitalism at The Red Dragon pub in Salford Greater Manchester, not too far a distance from the very majestic Midland Hotel where Right meets Left unfortunately a hundred years too late.

Lets hope the party is a great success for the tall leggy Birthday Girl herself now she is celebrating in Manchester. Enjoy the birthday bash celebrations with the boys who are so blue, none more so than Boris the naughtiest of them all.


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