Time waits for no man and neither does a Lady. Definitely so when a gentleman escorts Manchester top models to top night clubs with top DJs. Time is a great healer, lost time is never found again; time is clearly a major factor in our love lives and we are always trying to slow it down or wondering where it has gone.

It is therefore little wonder that time pieces, magnificent watches have always been a fundamental factor in status wealth and fashion icons. Portable clocks date back to the 16th Century and were generally worn as a pocket watch tucked inside a fashionable waistcoat and were first designed in England but the trend soon spread throughout the world and rapidly became an expensive and luxurious accessory favoured by wealthy males. By the 18th Century, it was possible to engineer precise and relatively cheap watches and therefore they became a common adornment.

Today watches are often a status symbol for the rich and famous and their cost can be utterly outrageous. Recently Apple showcased their all singing, all dancing gold timepiece with a price tag of £17,000, however compared to some of the outrageously priced watches out there, this is a mere fraction of the ‘big boys’.

The Patek Caliber 89 has a price tag of $5,120,000 which in real terms could literally buy you 3 ½ Bugatti Veyrons. It is the most complex watch in the world and took many years to develop. Its mechanical engineering is mind boggling with 33 complications but $5.12 million? The Patek Phillippe Sky Moon Tourbillon is on offer for 1.3 million and is undoubtedly a piece of modern art which presents moon and date phases and has a precision of its own. It is without doubt a complicated and incredible watch and has an app which helps its owner keep the perpetual calendar, moon phase and retrograde behemouth running perfectly and hence will need no readjustments until 2100. Extremely glad to hear it! Swiss watch maker Patek is a giant in the world of watches and designs hugely expensive, innovative and extremely luxurious timepieces.

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  • Louis-Ulysse Chopard is another rich and ostentatious brand which w2as established in 1860 in Switzerland. Chopard has an undeniable reputation for producing exquisite and extravagant watches and fine jewellery. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is an opulent and palatial watch set with over 60 karats of diamonds, is completely scratch resistant and water resistant and will set you back a mere $1,100,000. I know what I want for my birthday… or maybe the Chopard 210 Karat? This unbelievable piece costs a cool $26 million and boasts 201 karats of diamonds which are in all different colours. The watch face is small and surrounded by a bouquet of the most spectacular diamonds one could imagine.

    Next to the Chopard, the Hublot Black Caviar Bang comes in at a snip of $1 million; however it is certainly a show-stopper with 501 baguette-cut black diamonds. This 18 carat white gold watch is a feast for the eyes but surprisingly understated for those who do not want to over-bling it. Hublot is yet another Swiss brand and focuses on hugely expensive, fashionable and high-tech watches. ‘The Hublot’ is the most expensive of all the designs and will set one back $5 million. It is by no means the most expensive watch in the world but it is certainly up there with the best. It has been hand crafted by five stone setters and twelve master cutters and is encrusted with 1,200 diamonds and took just 14 months to engineer. The Hublot is a firm favourite with celebrities and it has been reported that Beyonce bought her husband Jay Z one. Scandalously expensive watch buying is a sport amongst the super wealthy but does this time honoured tradition really bring love and happiness? Probably… Most definitely.