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About Me

English, High Brow and Beautiful Chloe

A lady such as Chloe is a very rare find and someone we are very blessed to represent here at Exclusive Company. She is one of the best English escorts in the city, totally sensual and an English rose of the finest stock. Chloe is well spoken, well educated and from the first moments of conversation the right man will be transported to his fullest pride in just being around her. First glimpses of her refinement and tender sexuality will confirm this lady is a very special person to spend the evening with or a romantic passionate weekend in the finest and most cultural places couples wish to visit to get to know each other just a little more.

Originally from the south of England Chloe came to our city to further her education and Exclusive Company escort agency would like to hold onto her for as long as we can. She has a girlish charm about her which enchants men across the board. Her ability to adapt to any situation is a quality in itself and she is a joy to hold and spend time with, whether that be for a couples of hours or a long stay in a warm climate. Chloe is tall and slim with the most gorgeous naturally waist length dark locks which fall down her shapely slim figure. Her dark brown eyes will mesmerise you, her feminine movements are elegant to a T and the opposite sex are unable to resist resting their eyes on the loveliest lady in town. She may appear to be the innocent girl next door but a sultry slender and very sensual lady lies beneath her English demeanour. Chloe is the X in extra special, dating this extraordinary lovely lady is a privilege for a certain type of gentlemen here on business and pleasure in the city.

Chloe is genuinely the girl next door and offers a true Girl Friend Experience, which makes her so very special to Exclusive clients. Chloe is interested in her dates passions and pleasures and offers herself as the perfect lover and seductress ever imaginable. Chloe has room for everyone and both sexes and is intrigued in the company of both. She loves a social situation but her true qualities really shine in a one to one scenario. Here Chloe can give her undivided attention and show just how unique she really is. A classic chic lady is here with us tonight; please do not miss this opportunity to meet Miss Right for all the wrong reasons. Chloe is most certainly An Extra Special Exclusive Company Escort.

Discretion, as always here, is our Criterion

Classic Chloe
Waist Length Dark Hair
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