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Exclusive Manchester Escorts Experience Top Ten Condoms

Find The Top Ten Condom Brands Gentlemen say they much prefer. The best condoms can mean the difference between good sex and great sex and also of course prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Finding the perfect brand of condom which strikes the optimal level between awesome orgasmic pleasure and essential personal protection can take time and practice. Therefore, Exclusive Company escort agency Manchester conducted an adult survey to find the top ten condom brands voted the best condoms from shared experiences of two thousand male and female volunteers. All volunteers, girls and guys, in this poll of the best condoms, declared their most intimate revelations of the male contraception widely known as The Condom.

Voted The Top Ten Condom Brands from participants based or visited Manchester in 2015

1. Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin Condoms – They were made famous in adult movies as they are exceptionally thin and super strong for all the action required in a days filming. When wearing skin condoms our volunteers commented it was as if they were not wearing a condom at all. Okamoto condoms are above average in size for extra comfort and do not dull down either partners sensitivity when it matters the most. This brand is the Overall winner of The Best Condom. Survey conducted in Manchester.

2. Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms – Contain lubricant and once in the throes of love making our volunteers noted it was as if no contraceptive was being used at all. Many said this particular brand heighten their natural sensations ensuring their enjoyment with every sensual movement and heated thrust.

3.Okamoto Beyond Seven Condoms from Japan – These particular condoms are made from Sheerlon which is super thin latex that is super soft and ultimately the safest. Beyond seven condoms are a little narrower than your average condom, making for a snug fit putting safest at the top of its priorities.

4. Kimono Micro Thin condoms – According to Exclusive Company Manchester escorts survey Kimono are ultra-sensitive and virtually undetectable as they increase sensitivity during the sexual act ensuring all parties are taken to untold heights of pleasure.

5. Iron Grip Condoms – Their snug fit means no slippage therefore enjoying some sexy rough and tumble without the worry of this specific condom losing grip. This is for the man and woman who put precaution on the same level as their mutual pleasure.

6. The first ribbed condom in this poll is Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms. They are ribbed and studded and your lover is doubly rewarded; experiencing the pleasure of deep penetration plus the orgasmic satisfaction from the tantalising texture of this ribbed and studded condom which no doubt will result in screams of pleasure with utter sexual satisfaction for both parties participating.

7. The seventh top voted condom is Trustex Extra Large condoms, for those that have a little more to give and have been blessed by Mother Nature herself. Many large size condoms fall down in the sensitivity stakes but not these extra added condoms. They will undoubtedly heightened pleasure for the bigger man without the worry of splitting and sexual gratification and safety is guaranteed by these little suckers.

8. At number eight is yet another for the bigger boys and their bedroom antics. Lifestyles KYNG has ample room for the larger gentlemen, plus KYNG condoms have the added pleasure for the receiver with the ribbed design and possess a unique light bulb shape which caress a female’s most sensitive area, her G Spot. Absolute pleasure for loved up couples who demand mutual gratification and unselfish pleasure.

9. The penultimate condom is Beyond Seven Studded Condoms; they are super thin and super sensitive for him and feel barely there. Whilst for her the creative sensual studs running along the shaft of this brand of condom give untold pleasure if your partner is of the quiet type and no screams are offered to confirm sexual satisfaction.

10. Finally, voted in at No.10 is the Lifestyles THYN Sensitive condom. This particular brand of condom offers the sensation of bareback to both partners. A win win encounter and total satisfaction offered to all involved in undeniable sensational sex anytime of the day or night. Added to the advantage of being ultra thin this brand of condom provides the satisfaction of the safety of safe sex usually provided by the thicker condoms disliked by all so say the participants who kindly offered their opinions in this poll in Manchester.

Exclusive Company Manchester escorts Agency wishes to thank all who participated in this poll of adult entertainment of which much gratitude is extended from us here in Manchester city centre.

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