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Naughty Twists on Classic Games

Escorts cater to many different peoples fetishes, fantasies and scenarios they wish to experience sexually and whether you are a veteran escort who knows exactly what she's doing and doesn't need our help, just starting out or whether your simply in the stages of contemplating a career in this profession, we thought we could give you a few ideas on how to expand your services and due to this hopefully expand your range of clients and increase repeat clientele.

Keep in mind any services you do provide have to be completely within your comfort range. You have the power to want to or not want to do anything you're not comfortable with so don't let the idea that a paid service means your client owns you for the duration of the booking. You should only participate in activities you are a hundred percent willing to participate in.

This isn't only for the benefits of your own comfort, but also because if you don't want to do something your performance will be affected by this and ultimately the damage caused is to your overall business as you could be self sabotaging repeat clientele with bad services.

Many of your clients will have fantasies and fetishes they may be to shy or nervous to ever express or fear that no escorts will want to participate in that particular fantasy, therefore, advertising that you offer a special service such as costumes or scenarios will help clients who are seeking this fantasy to book you over many other women who could have been booked but maybe don't provide the service you're willing to do.

Because of the nature of how niche this is even in the companion industry, you could even go as far as to charge extra for costumes and role-play as you will probably be buying the costume yourself and knowing this isn't a service many escorts provide on a regular basis can give you the extra push you need to succeed further where other haven't even tried.

So we thought we could take you through a fun short list of five bedroom games or activities you can part-take in with your client. Remember anything you don't feel comfortable doing isn't a service you have to provide, so let's get into our fun and naughty twist on classic games to play in the bedroom.

In no particular order let's start with:



Role-playing can cover a wide array of scenarios and is one of the activities on this list you can definitely charge more for as it is a speciality service and the costumes you will need to purchase yourself unless of course a client has something specific he wants you to wear and is willing to bring it for you.

Role-playing is exactly what it's called. You play a role and the aim of the game is to be someone other than yourself or a very naughty version of yourself. You can choose to play with different professions which are popular fantasy choices such as a naughty nurse where you can carefully and lovingly tend to your 'patient' or play the role of a bossy police officer who's aim is to completely dominate her client.

Costumes like this can be a fun tool in the bedroom to keep the energy going as many of them come with props, for example, the police officer costumes, widely available, usually come with a police hat, badge and handcuffs which you can use to be kinky with.

As well as professions that are popular fantasies you can also choose to get lost in the world of fiction and if any of your clients are fanboys you can please them with an experience they'll never forget.

Princess Leia, Lara Croft or any character Scarlett Johansen has played will prove to be a popular role-play character in the bedroom and give your clients a unique experience not many people will be offering to increase your chances for more and repeat clientele.


The Hat

The Hat is a game to really turn the heat on in the bedroom and to learn a little bit about one another giving you a good chance to get into the mind of your client and figure out how to better please them.

It's important before you begin this game, you state clearly to your client exactly what is off-limits before proceeding. So if there are any fantasies or fetishes you wish not to participate in such as anal sex or incestuous role-plays, make sure your client is aware before starting the game because next you and your client will have to each write down your sexual fantasies, one at a time on separate pieces of paper, fold them up and throw them into a bowl or a hat where they are collectively mixed up together.

The next part of the game is for one of you to draw out a fantasy at random and then both of you will proceed to talk about this fantasy untill the heat becomes too much to bare and you find yourself submitting to each other. This is a brilliant game to break the ice, have some flirty fun and learn about your client all in one. This game requires imagination and a good conversation, two things we're more than sure you dont lack.


Would You Rather

You probably played would you rather as a kid with a bunch of your friends where you gave two seemingly impossible or disgusting options to someone to see which they would rather prefer.

A horror movie with the same name gained some popularity on Netflix with the premise being a game of Would You Rather is played with horrifying scenarios and an aim for every member to stay alive for a cash prize. Don't worry, our version is nowhere near as dangerous but is definitly more fun.

As the classic game goes, you propose two scenarios to your client, except in this case as you've already guessed, you propose two sexual activities for you and your client to participate in. This game is a lot of fun, and before you know it you'll forget you even had to ask questions.


Truth or Dare

Another classic game we know you know about except this one has always had sexual connotations attached to it. Played simply by asking 'Truth or Dare' or if you want to have a little more fun inspired by American pop culture you can spin a bottle in the middle and ask 'truth or dare?' to whoever it points too.

Again truth or dare is a great game to play with your clients as it's easy, requires little to no preparation, mostly everyone is familiar with the rules and like the hat, it gives you a clear chance to learn about your client and get inside his mind.


21 Questions

No. not the 50 Cent song which managed to dominate the airways in the early 2000's. Here we're talking about yet another classic game 21 questions. With little to no prep required again 21 questions consists of either you or your client thinking of something random and leaving the other person an opportunity to ask 21 questions in which they can ask whatever they want to lead them to the answer they seek which is what you're thinking of.

You're probably thinking ' That's not very naughty', no, but in the bedroom version everytime you or your client asks a question and proceeds to guess wrong about what the other person is thinking, an item of clothing must be removed from the guesser's attire. As you can guess unless you're wearing 30 layers of clothing or are psychic, there's a good chance it's all coming off before you can even remember what you were playing, to begin with.

So there we have it, 5 fun and interesting naughty twists on classic games you can play with your clients in the bedroom and hopefully increase your services, revenue and clientele.

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