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Exclusive Sex Party for the Rich

The Russian cyber slang goes….”Every time a lady masturbates, God kills a kitten” – but would there be any pussy-cats left if this were true?

Killing Kittens is an elite, high-end sex party organisation which hosts sex parties at spectacular locations in London, LA and Manchester. Some may call the events high class orgies for the rich famous and elite but they are in great demand with the young and beautiful who fit the criteria demanded by event company founder of Killing Kittens, https://www.killingkittens.com/ Emma Sayle.

This Exclusive Company was founded by female London socialite Emma Sayle and friend to Princess Kate in 2005, The Rupert Murdock newspaper reports that, “As a teen, Emma was enrolled at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school attended by Kate Middleton. When quizzed her on her Royal connections, the Killing Kittens founder Emma becomes defensive, admitting: “I was five years older than Kate and I have no recollection of her at school.” But then there was the Sisterhood — a race across the Channel in a dragon boat in which Emma organised in 2007. Weeks after being dumped by William, a heartbroken Kate at the time trained with the all same sex-girl team.


Emma, this feisty intelligent and well educated woman set up the business in 2005 in a very tongue and cheek manor after drunken discussions at a friends wedding. The discussions were around the sex industry being dominated by predatory alpha males and there was certainly a gap in the market for parties which were female driven and promoted female empowerment. Killing Kittens started out in London offering membership to this elite club and invitation only parties.

All members apply online via the “litter box” and go through a rigorous selection process which includes not lying about your age, only providing real photographs and not being overweight. The sex parties are for “good looking” people and Exclusive Company escort agency in London Manchester and Cheshire agrees with Emma that great looking well bred articulate young woman are the main ingredient when introducing the elite in beauty to discerning well heeled gentlemen.

Once selected as a member you will find yourself part of a growing 40,000 member online social community, here you can peruse the other members and arrange to meet up just like any other typical dating website. The advantage of this community though is the party invitations, held twice a month in stunning venues; the Killing Kittens parties offer a safe environment for people to explore their sexual fantasies, especially girls. A sex party would begin around 9pm and is similar to a wealthy high class cocktail party; however, all guests wears a masquerade mask, the alcohol is flowing and both sexes are getting to know each other a little more.

By midnight there are likely to be naked partygoers in one of the many play rooms. The ratio is 70:30 females to males with males only coming along as part of a couple but the females can be single and come with their girlfriends and associates. The main rule at Killing Kittens sex parties is the men are only allowed to touch or engage with females upon the ladies request. It is a scientifically proven fact that most women are bi-curious and this setting allows women to explore this fantasy and be pleasured in a protected but sexually charged environment.

For many years the Killing Kittens extravagant parties have been making their mark on Manchester and Cheshire and now Killing Kittens have confirmed they have their first permanent venue. With over 10,000 members in Manchester, especially South Manchester, Cheshire, this has come as great news to many in this expensive celebrity filled county. The venue will be known as The Forbidden Room and will be the permanent sex party pad held in the decadent secret venue.

The chosen jet set surroundings are split into different sections; each section is entered by guests at various stages throughout the evening. The sex charged ambience is set by the dimly lit lights, erotic artwork and erotic mirrored bar.

Around 11pm and probably after several units of champagne something in the party-goers just “clicks,” says Emma and this is when all guests become curious and make very good use of the adult play rooms. The area contains huge beds, soft padded walls, and bespoke, handmade items specially designed for adult antics. The centre piece is a custom made cage which fits up to four people and is kitted out in leather padded cushions and fur throws for the joy of all.

Kitten’s age range is 18-45 years and because of the selection process all are good looking and have the X factor. For the Manchester and Cheshire wealthy and beautiful apply to be a member at https://www.killingkittens.com/membership/ and don’t forget to mention Exclusive Company.

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