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Jimmy Choo, the darling and preeminent designer of shoe creations and chosen always by Exclusive Company Manchester escorts, is a luxury global brand offering its customers the highest quality of personal service and superior footwear with accessory merchandise to those who enjoy the greatest wealth worldwide. Earlier this year, JC received a proposal of marriage which it has chosen to accept and the ceremony of a life long partnership will take place imminently with the phenomenally successful, top designer and bachelor no longer, Michael Kors.


Jimmy Choo began its humble journey in 1996 and with the help of Vogue magazine and their reach to the highest demographic, succeeded in becoming an icon of industry to all the richest citizens around the globe. The JC brand aimed its sights for worldwide customers in high society. Their patrons include such royalty as Lady Diana, the Queen of Luxembourg, and the Queen of Jordan. Hollywood stars Kate Winslet and Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw helped shoot the beautiful footwear to new heady heights alongside heads of state and icons in the music world. JC has in the region of 150 retail stores, 560 multi-brand doors, and over 60 franchise high end department stores in leading locations globally, Manchester based Harvey Nichols is indeed one of these super sexy stores and services its clients with unadulterated passion and pride.

This phenomenal Exclusive Company will extend its audience into men's accessories and men's shoe wear. The Jimmy Choo exclusive range has now decide to design unique classic gentlemen's evening shoes and trendsetting casual footwear for the more discerning gentlemen and not only offer their inspirational wares to just the ladies who love heart and sole JCs outstanding designs. With the increase of its design creations for the male population, Jimmy Choo and his new partner Michael Kors will now tap into increased sales for the rapid growing business for men who have taken pampering to a new level.


Michael Kors is the perfect partner for Jimmy Choo. This is a marriage made in heaven especially so with the priesthood Goldman Sachs vowing to consecrate the union of two men who certainly have great passion for their business affairs. This male match, one predicts, will benefit both parties especially so with the forecast from Goldman Sachs agreeing with Michael that their affairs are anticipated to increase sales to $1 billion.

When two Exclusive luxury brands decided to partner together and become one this makes the discerning of customers heart race and purr like the pussy cats who have all the cream and none more so than Exclusive Manchester escorts who hold their breath and await the forthcoming showstoppers of couture foot wear to expand into the heart of city centre Manchester. Expect and anticipate fashion fireworks from the fairer sex in this leading city when the best escorts Manchester offers strut their stuff in the sole of royalty designers.

When the giants of the designer couture world, Michael Kors announced his hope of the acquisition of iconic, bespoke shoe brand Jimmy Choo, the globe stopped spinning and awaited the new brand DNA. It will become the epitome of glamour, playful elegance with a pinch of daring spirit, so say Goldman Sachs acting banking advisors to the two successful trademark male players. The dual gender apparel appeal is a rapidly growing market and American fashion mogul, Michael Kors has proclaimed an incredible interest and is hugely attracted to the fashion-forward footwear designer Choo, hoping to solidify a super sexy and successful marriage made in heaven for both sexes wishing to buy their imaginings. Overall, Michael Kors believes the collaboration will bring huge benefits to both companies and its shareholders and obviously the rather discerning male and female clients.

Manchester is a huge fan of both designer brands and is super excited about the marriage of the eloquent JC to the very suave, savvy, and sexy MK.

Beautifully crafted shoes and tailored sophisticated handbags are the desire of well-heeled beautiful ladies in the city and gents can now slip into something rather special themselves alongside the best of the opposite sex.

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