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Classic Roles

Role-playing is something people have been incorporating into the bedroom for a long time. Sometimes it's just a fun thing to do and other times people use it to spark a lost flame in their relationship.

People have all kinds of fantasies and some involve specific job roles and uniforms such as fantasising about having a naughty nurse tend to you or having a dominant police woman show you the ropes. Either way, role-playing is acting out the fantasy many people have and as a Manchester escort agency, we feel its a great escort service where punters can fully indulge in their every desire. Role play is a special service and that is why our agency does not charge more for our clients to enjoy such an experience. It puts us ahead of the competition for anyone looking to book a role play escort

If you are wanting to enjoy a little bit of role play the next time you book with our escort agency but don't have any ideas on what roles you could possibly adopt we've come up with a short-list of classic roles people use in the bedroom. These roles we've chosen on our list are widely popular and therefore are pretty easy costumes to acquire.

Our first on the list is:



The nurse is one of the most classic role-plays for the bedroom. Many people fantasise about having an attentive and naughty nurse to tend to them and look after them. The costume for nurses typically comes in white, red or blue and range from realistic work uniforms to incredibly skimpy and sexy bedroom outfits.

The roles here can be manipulated to either a naughty nurse tending to her patient or a naughty patient who is a little too keen on his nurse. Whichever way you choose to play these roles the nurse is a classic and is sure to impress your clients. Some nurse outfits come with fun props to use in the bedroom such as stethoscopes and nurse hats to fully sell the fantasy. Your clients may even feel a sudden headache coming on after seeing how stunning their personal nurse is.

If you want more information about roleplaying as a nurse read this feed on Quora:


Police Officer

The police officer is another classic due to the naughtiness of the role. Show your client how much trouble he's in and what a naughty boy he's been by placing him under your arrest. You can be a dominating police officer and this is perfect for clients who are more into BDSM and domination.

On the flip side, you can choose to be a timid police officer who's out of her depth with a convict and doesn't quite know how to stay in control in the situation. Police uniforms for the bedroom, similar to nurse uniforms, range from realistic work outfits to very revealing bedroom uniforms. The outfits are easy to find online and in any costume store and they usually come with a range of fun and kinky props such as police hats, badges, and even handcuffs which can be incredibly useful in the bedroom. Just remember where you leave the keys.


French Maid

The French maid is clearly a classic and probably the most widely portrayed as a 'naughty uniform' in general pop culture and media than the other outfits on this list. It's hard to imagine any real french maids dressing in this outfit due to how much it's been sexualised. The outfit itself is more related to the bedroom and beautifully enticing women then it is to cleaning.

Often sold in the same style and colour the French maid is a black and white uniform consisting of a small white apron, black skirt and black top. Sometimes the costume comes with small props such as a feather duster to sell the fantasy more and possibly a maid hat. In this scenario, you can pretend to be a naughty maid for your client who wants to hold something more than a feather duster.

If you are interested in a French maid, our escort in Manchester Pippa loves dressing as a maid so check out her profile here


Bunny Costume

The bunny costume is largely related to the bedroom and desired women mostly thanks to its exposure and relationship with Playboy Magazine. The lifestyle magazine has always had a relationship with the bunnies since its conception. The logo for the infamous adult company is the silhouette shot of a bunny's head and in all Playboy clubs, the members of staff are told to don the bunny attire as part of the uniform of Playboy.

Many playboy models often referred to as 'Playmates' have been seen gracing the sexy bunny costume and thanks to Playboy the costume is now iconic. Since the 50's people have dreamed of having there very own Playboy bunnies and now is your chance to make that fantasy a dream come true for one of your clients.

So there we have it, if you're looking to add a new service, wear something different or be someone else, you can try these fun role-plays with your clients and increase the pleasure of the experience even more while providing a unique service. If the next time you want to indulge in some roleplay when you book with Exclusive Company Escorts be sure to let our team know which character or uniform you want your escort to dress up as and will we make sure your demands are matched.

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