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Cheshire Gets a Visit From The Queen of England and A Very Pretty Woman-American Meghan Markle

Who are the two famous women coming to Cheshire?

Dazzling Duchess Meghan Markle has a trip planned to Cheshire this week (Thursday 14th June) which will be her first Royal appearance without her new husband, however she will be in Exclusive Company as she will be travelling to Cheshire and the Queen will escort Meghan to the venues on her agenda.

This imperial duo will make their journey via the Royal train which is usually only reserved for the most senior members of the Royal family. Neither the future King of England William or the future Queen of England Kate or indeed Harry have stepped foot on this very royal abode, so we believe Meghan to be highly honoured to be escorted by her Grandmother-in-law aboard such a luxury and status filled mode of transport.

Before officially taking on her new role as Royal Ambassador, Exclusive Meghan was quoted as saying she planned ‘to hit the ground running’ and so it seems this wonderful new addition to the Royal family has embraced her new line of work and certainly appears to get along very well with the Boss who is escorting lovely Meghan to Cheshire. Cheshire escorts only the very best of aristocrats and is known as the county of billionaires, suiting the Queen very well.


Is Meghan escorting the Queen to the Theatre in Chester?

The Cheshire trip, which is often referred to as an ‘away day’ is primarily to formally and officially open the Mersey Gateway Bridge in Cheshire and the Noble duo will also declare the opening of the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester. Chester escorts only the finest of fillies and surely the Queen will love the races here before enjoying a ceremonial luncheon at the refined Chester Town Hall.

It all sounds like a jolly old girly day with a bit of business thrown in for good measure. Meghan will certainly learn the Royal ropes from the Best. As our beloved Monarch escorts the newest Pretty Woman in the Royal family this American Duchess will love travelling here to capture the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Cheshire Escorts Only The Best and Most Beautiful Ladies.

This county of Cheshire escorts in style with two remarkable ladies on aboard the Royal Pullman. The Royal train boasts nine carriages, including a splendid 12 seat dining room and private suites featuring a full-size bathtub for each Royal traveller. This visit will be a momentous occasion and the world will be watching as Cheshire escorts the Queen of England and her very beautiful American newcomer to her family and the love of Harrys life. Such Exclusive Company in Cheshire.

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