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5 Reasons Escorts Protect Their Identities

Sometimes when browsing through escorts it can become evident that they use different names. Some of the names they choose are usually short, easy to pronounce and easy to remember but why do escorts chance there names?

Is it a simple decision of choosing a name which is easy to pronounce or remember, or does the reason go a bit deeper? Today we're going to talk about a few of the possible reasons escorts will choose to protect their true identity from clients and operate under different 'performing' names.



So, the first and the most obvious reason for escorts protecting their true identities is to stop people finding out who they are and what they do for a profession. Although escorting is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, there are other factors that come in to play which may be the reason an escort protects her identity, for example, family.

Family is a tough one as all of us come from a different background to someone else and have different up bringings and come from families with ranging moral compasesses. Some families may be deeply religious and can be offended by the very idea of a family member choosing this industry as a profession.

Other families may have cultural differences that frown upon the entertainment industry and some escorts would rather choose to hide this aspect of there life to avoid tainting relationships with loved ones and possibly destroying them all together. For this reason it can be very difficult for an escort to 'come out' to her parents especially if there is a chance the relationship could be destroyed.



Another reason, outside of family but can be equally close is friends. Sometimes friends although very caring may not always be so understanding. It can be hard for friends to understand why you've chosen this profession and they may even try to talk you out of it. For this reason many escorts choose not to tell their friends and keep this aspect of there lives private while maintaining strong healthy friendships outside of work.

Sometimes with friends it's hard to explain your point of view, and friends, because they're comfortable with you can be quick to judge and be little something you love if they are against the idea which can lead to perminant fall outs.

Although friends may have your best interest at heart, they may not always know what your hearts best interest is and explaining how you enjoy a profession they may look down on is for many escorts, best avoided. Some poeple still carry a negative stigma about escorting due to the aura presented in media about the industry so therefore many escorts knowing this tend to be more private about the professional life they lead as a glamourous escort.



Another reason outside of friends and family is some escorts arn't full time. Escorting is a sideline profession they've chosen to do part time and sometimes still have other more formal jobs outside of escorting such as a secretary or any office job.

For this reason, many escorts will hide there identity to make sure whatever job they have outside of escorting isn't jeapordised. Some employers may fire you instantly if you are also an escort as you may represent a large law firm or corporation or any major conglomerate and if it becomes public knowledge you are also an escort this can cause for some negative press on the company's part that you represent.

Some women are in jobs which have a position of power and therefore can't afford to be associated with other companies and work so if you are an escort in a position of power at another job it's very likely to save face you will hide your escorting and take extra precautions to avoid exposure.


Social Media

Speaking of exposure social media is another platform many escorts avoid the spotlight in. As you've probably noticed many escorts on agency websites hide there faces and although research suggests escorts who show there faces get more bookings many still blue there photos. One of the reasons for this outside of the few reasons we've already mentioned it to avoid being exposed on social media.

These days it's hard to tell who actually knows you and where they know you from, some people may just be familiar with your image from a personal online account and then be able to recognise you on an agency website and expose you on your personal facebook for all your friends, family and pretty much the world to see.

Exposure is best avoided, especially if you are an escort so this is another reason escorts will hide their true identities. it also stops clients for searching escorts they like and trying to contact them on personal websites.


Obsessive Clients

Every now and then a client will come along who's a little to obsessive or in love with his chosen escort, and let's be fair it's hard not to fall in love with some of the most beautiful women you'll ever lay your eyes on but for escorts, having clients fall hopelessly in love with them isn't a perk of the job.

Although it's nice to be appreciated and desired it's also important to protect your identity from anyone who has the potential to be dangerous. Boundaries are essential and both parties should know the terms of the arrangement when booking an escort. Clients pay escorts for a pre-arranged service for a specified amount of time for a fixed amount of money and anything beyond this is unacceptable.

Therefore escorts hide their identities to avoid people searching their real names, finding them online, phoning them constantly, following them or even turning up to their home of residence. Although this is by no means common, the very aspect of it being possible contributes to many escorts decision to protect their true identities.

So there we have it, incase you were wondering why escorts would choose to hide there identities you now know, so if you do find yourself with a gorgeous escort refrain from asking her, her real name as this information will probably remain hidden from you, and remember to just enjoy yourself and if you are an escort and never thought about why you would need to protect your identity, may be this has helped you in the right direction but this blog is in no way attempting to paint the escorting industry as dangerous.

Like any profession precautions and steps have to be taken to ensure your safety and this industry is no exception, so remember to protect yourself and most of all, have fun!

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