************** There she was all along waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces the men left behind. This demure yet strong woman stands erect and proud with the weight of the EU waiting to pounce at any pulsating minute. Junker the W*nker stands no chance, Cameron needs Viagra, poor Sam Cam, and Osborne is obsolete and oh so Osborne and Little in her shadow.

As the ghost of Thatcher escorts Britain into a Great future May we all wish this modest lady greatness for her and Great Britain. Stuff the EU, Great Britain will take control for the young the old and the minorities in need of major change in their favour. May she bite the bullet and carry Britain into Greatness once again. This self-effacing strong lady does not blow her own trumpet the proof of her power is in her longevity in her role as the longest Home Secretary and her guts and balls in doing what she is paid to do. Her Job.

Mrs May is smart she passed her 11+ for Grammar school then worked her way to Oxford University studying Geography so knows her way logistically around this world. She has faith as her father is a clergyman of the Church of England. Theresa May gets on with the job in hand no dilly dallying she grabs her job by the balls and works like a trooper to do the best job possible. Not for a man not for a woman but in being the best of British. Long May she reign say Exclusive Company Manchester escorts